Sunday, April 6, 2014

Got sensitive skin? Trust The Goatsmilk Company!

Do you have sensitive skin? 
Do you have trouble finding cosmetic products that your skin won’t dislike? 

Well worry no more because you can trust The Goatsmilk Company to keep your sensitive skin safe from harm. – I do! :-)

The Goatsmilk Company products are all naturally derived and come highly regarded by Australian consumers as they are free from petro-chemicals and sulphate. The best thing about TGC’s products is the fact they’re all naturally derived, and are especially good for those with sensitive skin. (That’s you and me!)

Just check out these products below; I will give you my thoughts on them.

Hair and Scalp.

Shampoo & Conditioner – The Goatsmilk Company 500 ml x 2

Using TGC(The Goatsmilk Company)’s shampoo and conditioner has really done great things for my hair and scalp. I generally try not to use conditioner because of scalp reactions but with TGC I now go without flaking and I have this beautiful shine to my hair as well! I’m so happy I got my confidence back.


Face Cream - The Goatsmilk Company 150 ml

I was a bit worried at first this might be greasy (because it has Shea Butter in it) but it comfortably hydrates my skin and I love it. Goats milk products are said to have anti-inflammatory properties so this would be great for those with itchy irritated skin conditions as well.

For Body & Hands

Hand and Body Wash – The Goatsmilk Company 240ml

Now, this one, unlike your usual soaps, will help keep your skin’s Ph balanced and hydrated. It is made with Goatsmilk (of course) and plant extract and it created smooth luxurious lather which I found very pleasant.

Hand & Body Moisturiser - The Goatsmilk Company 500 ml

You mustn't forget to put your moisturiser on after shower! 
If you’re like me and have dry and sensitive skin, you really need TGC’s Hand & Body Moisturiser. It will be your skin’s best friend throughout the day and it is awesome because it’s got a creamy rich texture and is quickly absorbed.

Oh by the way, if you want the three (except the shampoo & conditioner), 
you can just get this set below. - easy!
Click on the image to get a set for yourself!

Just click on any of the images and it will take you to where you can buy one of your own! Give them a try today.